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About Gaia-X

About Gaia-X

Gaia-X is a European initiative to develop a data and cloud infrastructure that guarantees European values such as data sovereignty. This way, users gain more control and can share data securely if desired. Eventually, Gaia-X should provide guidelines and standards for an industry-developed distributed, federated data infrastructure.

Why participate?

Still many innovations in ICT are needed to fulfill the promises of Gaia-X. On an international level, Gaia-X works on the agreements, standards and conditions in which innovative technologies and processes for governance are brought together.


The agreements with providers and other market parties must be translated into more concrete implementations of standards and technologies.


Due to a national Gaia-X hub, organizations can easily participate in the Gaia-X activities. By being informed an by contributing organizations can ultimately reap the offered by the developments around Gaia-X.

The Dutch hub is responsible for exchanging knowledge and exploring existing usecases. This way data can be used more intelligently and clarifies the possibilities of a European cloud infrastructure and data storage.

Missed the kick-off meeting of the Dutch Hub?

The webinar about the launch of the Dutch hub, on June 29, has been recorded (see below). 
Note: there is a little noise in the video from minute 5:13. This noise will stop after minute 5:55.

Benefits of Gaia-X

Identity & trust

Gaia-X enables European interoperability and better trust between different providers, users, and other stakeholders.

Federated catalogue

Gaia-X offers the possibility to collaborate with certified providers in a transparent digital ecosystem.



Gaia-X guarantees compliance with European laws and regulations.

Sovereign data exchange

Gaia-X enables data sovereignty within Europe and offers opportunities for new innovations based on European values.

Dutch data ecosystem

The Dutch Gaia-X hub connects the Dutch ecosystem.

Several coalitions active in the field of digitization already support the purpose and set-up of the Dutch Gaia-X Hub. These are the Data Sharing Coalition (DSC), Online Trust Coalition (OTC), Brainport Industry, the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA)Dutch Cloud Community (DCC)de Nederlands AI Coalitie (NL AIC)Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland (DINL)Cloud Infrastructuur Coalitie and NEN.

All collaborating parties in the Dutch Gaia-X Hub call on various industry parties, public organizations and knowledge institutions to join and contribute to a future data infrastructure based on European values ​​for the Netherlands and to proactively collaborate with parties elsewhere in Europe. By participating in the Dutch Gaia-X hub, you contribute to the future data ecosystem. This will further develop ecosystems and bring national and international initiatives together.

Latest news

15 May 2024

Following the resounding success of the debut event in Bilbao, Spain, Gaia-X is teaming up with Gaia-X Hub Luxembourg to bring an unmatched experience for the Gaia-X Tech-X Conference (…)

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Use cases

An overview of Use cases from various sectors in Europe for various development of Gaia-X. The use cases can be found on the website of our international Gaia-X group.


An overview of the international events surrounding the development of Gaia-X. The events are on the website of our international Gaia-X group.

Gaia-X hub Nederland - een introductie

Gaia-X hub Nederland - een introductie