2 June 2022

Recap: Gaia-X Mobility Data Space Event May 19th – the need for Data Sovereignty as an Innovation Enabler

From thought-provoking opening statements and presentations to inspiring discussions on use cases, the event was packed with stimulating content towards building a trustable, scalable, and human mobility data space in Europe.

30 May 2022 – Brussels, Belgium: Gaia-X, an organisation dedicated to data sovereignty, authenticity, and self-determination, hosted its second data space event on 19 May 2022, which focused on the mobility sector and its future within the Gaia-X data ecosystem. Check the video teaser here.

The Mobility Data Space Event was Gaia-X’s first step in developing a scalable and trustworthy mobility data space community in Europe, guided by the concepts of a citizen-centric, sovereign, and federated system.

“Decentralisation of data spaces would significantly expand the market and drive the development of citizen-friendly mobility services. Over 60% of people in Western Europe drive their own car to work every day. However, with wise and secure data sharing, we can improve public transit, which will improve living conditions in our congested cities. It precisely coincides with the current private-sector trends as well as the European Union objectives.” Francesco Bonfiglio, Gaia-X CEO, stated.

The event titled “How can dataspaces contribute to the development of mobility activities in Europe and better service for travellers?” was conceptualised to support creating a decentralised mobility data space in Europe. Citizens are given complete control over their data and the opportunity to share it with transportation infrastructure in order to generate safer and more fluid urban travel.

“I think the notion of data sovereignty is key for the dataspaces because, without it, I really don’t think dataspaces can even exist. When it comes to sovereignty, what we understand in the context of Gaia-X and the mobility Data Space Event, is sovereignty for the members, companies, as well as citizens, and any part of the ecosystem that shares data with the global ecosystem. The control of data by these members is what allows sovereignty to happen and innovation to thrive.” Jean-Francois Cases, VP & Associate General Counsel Amadeus, EONA-X President, has described during the launch of the event.

Identities and consent management, reliable and scalable data infrastructures and governance frameworks to support use cases, and a robust framework for developing and adopting trustable artificial intelligence emerged as common needs during the keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and panel discussions.

The Gaia-X team alongside the expert moderators Jean-Francois Cases (VP & Associate General Counsel Amadeus, EONA-X President), Maximilian Staebler (DLR Institute for AI Safety & Security), Simon Odrowski (DLR Institute for AI Safety & Security), Dominique Epardeau (Chairperson of Gaia-X Mobility DSBC and Executive Member of the Mobility, Transport & Tourism Data Space EONA-X), Harmen van der Kooij (Digital Strategy & Innovation Specialist at Sustainable-Tech.IO) and Jelle Hoedemaekers (Expert – Regulations & Standardisation Agoria and Belgium Gaia-X Hub Coordinator) brought together an impressive lineup of 25 speakers and over 300 participants across 20 countries, ensuring a series of stimulating discussions throughout the event.

To watch the recording of the entire session and go through the presentations of the day, please press here.

All attendees participants are invited to continue this work in the existing Gaia-X mobility working group, as well as the newly established working groups for the common building blocks. Interested participants are encouraged to sign up via the working group email address: aisbl-membership@gaia-x.eu.

Special thanks to Jelle Hoedemaekers, Expert – Regulations & Standardisation Agoria and Belgium Gaia-X Hub Coordinator and Agoria for hosting the Mobility Data Space Event.

Wishing to check the previous data space event surrounding Health? Please click here for all relevant details. Watch the video teaser here. Special thanks to Ralf Hustadt, Special Advisor, Digitalisation, Data Economy and Gaia-X, Luxembourg Gaia-X Hub and luxinnovation for hosting our event.

Join us in our next data space event discussing all about the Tourism Data Space ecosystem. Mark your calendar for 9 June 2022. Watch the video teaser here.

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