4 December 2021

Panel discussion October 22 DVC-SI

In collaboration with Gaia-X, on Friday October 22, Data Value Center – Smart Industry (DVC-SI) is organizing a panel discussion about the impact of Gaia-X on the manufacturing industry.

Date: Oktober 22 Time: 12:00 A.M. – 13:00 P.M Form: Webinar (ZOOM).

In this webinar you will be informed about the developments and what this can mean for your company: how can you use this information in the future? And how can existing applications become part of Gaia-X?


The program looks like this:

1. Welcome Matthijs Punter, researcher and consultant Data Ecosystems, TNO

2. Introduction by Peter Verkoulen, programmanager of the Dutch Hub

3. Demonstration: Gaia-X in communication between customers and suppliers How can the Smart Connected Supplier Network ensure a better digitally connected supply chain between OEMs, manufacturing companies and their suppliers?

4. The role of cloud providers In conversation with Inter-Connect and SURF: what does the arrival of Gaia-X mean for their services? What opportunities does this offer for end users?


This webinar is organized by the Data Value Center – Smart Industry in collaboration with the Gaia-X hub Netherlands. The role of DVC-SI partners: TNO facilitates the Dutch hub for Gaia-X in several domains; Brainport Industries does this for the manufacturing industry.

Missed it?

If you want to watch this webinar again, you can do so via this link.

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