4 December 2021

Looking back on the first Community Meeting Gaia-X Hub the Netherlands

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Monday, November 29, the first Community Meeting of Gaia-X Hub the Netherlands took place. And what a turnout! Once again, we would like to thank all participants for their interest. Did you miss the webinar or would you like to watch it again? Click on the links below.

Program part 1
14:00 P.M: Word of welcome by Peter Verkoulen and an update on the Dutch hub
14:15 P.M: Francesco Bonfiglio (CEO Gaia-X Europe)
14:30 P.M: Dominik Rohrmus (COO Gaia-X Europe). You can download his presentation here.
14:45 P.M: Q&A
15:55 P.M: Break

You can watch the first part of the webinar here.

Programma part 2

15:05 P.M: Pepijn Groen (DSC) and Bert Verdonck (Philips) enlighten usecases that fall within the scope of Gaia-X. 15:35 P.M: Panel discussion on the expectations of Gaia-X: a discussion with Michiel Steltman, Bert Verdonck and Jacqueline van de Werken.
4:00 PM: End of webinar

You can watch the second part of the webinar here.

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