Webinar Gaia-X Federation Services with Andreas Weiss

On Monday March 7thGaia-X Hub Netherlands is organizing another interesting event. 

The webinar will take place online, from 14:00 PM till 15:30 PM.

How are Gaia-X and GXFS connected?
Gaia-X is working towards a federated system in which data and services are organized in a decentralized, interoperable, and transparent way. This, in contrast to the current cloud infrastructures, which are organized centrally and where participation and interoperability are lacking. Under the name of Gaia-X Federation Services, work is being done on open-source software components in which both large and small parties can design Gaia-X services. 

About the webinar
Gaia-X is the result of many individual data owners (users) and technology players (providers) – all adopting a common standard of rules and control mechanisms – the Gaia-X standard. GXFS is a Gaia-X deliverable. It is the Gaia-X toolbox to create interoperable ecosystems following Gaia-X Reference Architecture. The first GXFS parts will be delivered this year. On March 7th from 14:00 PM till 15.30 PM we are organizing a webinar with Andreas Weiss. In this webinar we will explain how GXFS works, what the roadmap is, and how you can contribute to the development of GXFS. 

Date: Monday, 7th of March
Time: 14.00 PM till 15.30 PM
Location: Online

EDIT: this event has already passed.

Here you can find the recording of the Webinar.

If you want to take another look at the presentations, you can find them below:
Presentation Peter Verkoulen
Presentation Andreas Weiss
Presentation Frans van Ette




7 March 2022



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