30 November 2021

Gaia-X contributes to ECP annual festival

On Thursday November 11, The ECP Annual Festival 2021 will be visitable both at the Fokker Terminal location in The Hague and online. It will be an interactive program of debates, sessions, workshops and networking opportunities. The Gaia-X Hub Netherlands organizes two different sessions as part of the annual festival:

The online session “How federated dataspaces and clouds affect value from data”. This session starts at 3:15 PM. Peter Verkoulen, program manager Gaia-X Hub The Netherlands, sets a few dots on the horizon, whereby cloud services and infrastructures are also transparent and interoperable. He will introduce you to the objectives of Gaia-X and the state of affairs at Dutch and European level.

The session “Digital Autonomy, the digidos and digidonts”. This session starts at 4.15 pm. Among other things, there will be a panel discussion with a number of interesting parties. Peter Verkoulen joins on behalf of Gaia-X Hub Netherlands.

Would you like to attend the sessions? You can register via this link.

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Gaia-X hub Nederland - een introductie

Gaia-X hub Nederland - een introductie