1 December 2021


On Little Prince Day, September 21, the Rutte cabinet made a proposal in the proposed budget that the Netherlands will invest €300 million in two “Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI)”. In addition to the IPCEI-ME for microelectronics, in which the Netherlands intends to invest €230 M, it concerns IPCEI-CIS for Cloud Infrastructure and Services. The Netherlands wants to invest €70 million in this.

This provides opportunities for both companies and organizations in the Netherlands to participate in European developments for standards and technologies for federated cloud-edge solutions. As early as July, several consortia submitted their interest to the Dutch government. On September 23, a pre-selection was announced which proposals can participate on behalf of the Netherlands in the European matchmaking. Ultimately, project proposals must be made here at European level. The following European projects will start in 2022, if they have passed various tests.

If you want more information on this topic, please contact Bjorn.Hakansson{@}tno.nl

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