10 January 2022

Looking back Gaia-X Summit: here to deliver

The Gaia-X AISBL Summit took place on November 18 and 19. The two-day Summit entitled: ‘deep dive from a vision to a tangible data infrastructural reality’ mainly focused on internationalization and realization of the European hub through presentations focused on the overall vision and strategy.

During the Summit, the main focus was on the current state of affairs, the next steps in the project, milestones achieved and the global impact of Gaia-X from both a user and provider point of view. With over 20 presentations on key business cases, testimonials, policies, emerging federation services and key insights from the international hubs, much of the Gaia-X scope was covered.

There was great interest in the summit. No less than 4000 visitors from 48 different countries were present. The audience was very diverse (from CEOs to consultants, from business developers to IT managers).

During the event, a number of keynote speakers, such as Robert Viola (Director-General DG CNECT, EC), Peter Altmaier (Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany) and Bruno Le Maire (Minister of Economy, Finance and Social Recovery, France) spoken. They can also be seen in the video recordings.

You can view the video recordings of the summit here.

Are you interested in the presentations? You can download it via the same link.

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Use cases

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Gaia-X hub Nederland - een introductie

Gaia-X hub Nederland - een introductie